Rain and Sun

Sorry I’ve been away for awhile but I’ve been realizing things and dealing with built up emotions.

Why is it that one minute the world can appear to me a magical forest and then the next minute it is a dark cloud engulphing the world that you knew. I don’t understand it, feeling every emotion so raw in my body makes me feel ever so distant from existence. The feeling paralyzes me and I am left to sulk under warm sheets, protecting me from the world above. For moments at a time I can breathe in cool and crisp air, but as soon as it had begun I am left to breathe that old, hot scent. 

It is a constant battle against the angel and devil, never leaving you be to get a moment’s rest. It is useless fighting, so we give up to our mind’s game and let the outcome unveil itself. One day it might be rain, another might have sun.