A Few Words to the New Year

With the new year having made its way here I have found a strong feeling already setting in. Honestly it's been a hard couple of weeks but remaining hopeful and positive goes a long way. I am in the process of flushing out any negative feelings, people, and it is harder than it seems. I give people who have cleared themselves of anything pulling them down a lot of credit because it takes a lot to transform a soul. I have found that zoning out with either painting, reading or writing lets me block out the world that I need a break from, so I encourage anyone who is going through the same thing to try and do something that helps you block everything out in a healthy way. 

Living for today is something I am working on, something that I have always struggled with. If anyone out there is also working on bettering themselves and being more open spiritually, I encourage reaching out. Big things are coming and that knowing drives me to work even harder. If you feel a drive inside you that you can't explain, follow it. Revealing what it hides can only release you from the grasp of the millions of hands holding you down. With the new year I hope it will inspire you to go out and take a risk, follow a dream and feed your soul. We are more than just bodies, we have a beautiful and unknown power within us and it is up to ourselves to release it.



Love yourself enough to work harder.
— Anonymous