Finding Yourself

Ever since I was little I have tried putting a concrete name to the kind of person I am and it never felt right. Even now I struggle to know who I really am because one day I might wake up with a completely different outlook on life and not even know how to dress because I don't even know my own style. I never understood how a person can stay consistent with their own persona because mine is constantly shifting. With that being said it makes it hard to maintain motivation to do things because my desires and goals are always changing so I've struggled to stay on one path. 

The one thing I have realized is that trying to mold yourself to be a certain way to either trick yourself into thinking you are a certain kind of person or to gain respect from others only makes it more complicated in the long run. Embrace your chaos. Embrace not knowing who you are and just do what feels right in the moment. If something feels off change it. Don't spend time trying to please others because you need validation that you are something. You are born special and even if your path isn't clear or you don't even know how to describe yourself let that be your strength because it will give you more freedom in finding your true passion. Live more in the moment and listen to yourself even if it seems like you are all over the place. Live freely and live honestly.


Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.
— Bruce Lee