Open Diary

For as long as I can remember I have followed what other people have wanted for me. I have done so out of respect because I believed others to be wise about what I should do with my life, yet I never gave myself the chance to listen to what my soul was telling me. For the first time I am standing up for myself and trying to listen to my intuition. By refusing to listen to that voice inside of me I have restricted myself from truly growing. The truth is that it's terrifying going after the unknown. I am going after dreams blindly, without a known outcome, but life really is never known. There are just certain things that seem to give people a more "secure" vision on their future so they refuse to take the risk of discovering more. I know that I have a higher purpose and even though I am more than terrified of the future I know I have to keep going. Even through all the pain and uncertainty I feel a part of me unlocking that I have always lacked. I am deciding to trust the universe and work hard to manifest positivity into my life. New doors are opening and old ones closing but I just can't let myself give up. During this time I ask for patience, compassion and understanding, because this is the hardest time I've ever gone through. The "safe" side of my brain is yelling and screaming but there is a deep knowing inside me that tells me I am on the right path and that good will come out of the sacrifice and pain. I hope that from this I learn and grow in ways I never have. Love and light to all of you.