Old Writings (part 1)

I thought I'd pull out one of my old scribblings from a few years ago. I got reminded of my past writings and got inspired to share them. It isn't the best but maybe I'll post one every now and then. Enjoy ;)

She walks through the forest with stars in her eyes. She lets the branches gently swift against her arms while the leaves brush against her golden face. As she runs through the fields, the flowers turn deep purple and burning orange while the sky swirls into hues of blues, pinks, greens and yellows. The clouds come together to form figures to tell a hidden story. Every time she blinks her environment changes and she is in a new reality. She is lost yet she is found, and she allows the confusion to take her down the rabbit hole, with circling shadows and mind tricks. Her body is a mountain, reaching for the heavens. Suddenly she is the ocean, becoming one with every movement of the pink waves. Her energy shifts to different forms and each time her consciousness expands. Her inhale brings in every thing that ever was, but her exhale gives out what ever will be. The mystical wonder causes her to travel all around her inner soul and beyond. As soon as it started it all seemed to end, and her eyes flickered open. 12/02/2015